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AMX Flush Mount Kit for 10" Modero X Series Wall Mount Touch Panels (pieza) Negro

Código: 05-MXA-FMK-10

The MXA-FMK-10 Flush Mount Kit allows the Modero X 10” Wall Mount Touch Panels to be installed totally flush with the wall. Once installed, simply press lightly on the touch panel and the spring-loaded mechanism extracts the panel just slightly for access to the side buttons and enhanced speaker exposure. MXA-FMK-10 is compatible with all Modero X 10” Wall Mount Touch Panels including MXD-1001-P (FG5968-48), MXD-1001-L (FG5968-49), MXD-1000-P (FG5968-07), MXD-1000-L (FG5968-13), MXD-1000-P-NC (FG5968-25), and MXD-1000-L-NC (FG5968-26)

CB-MXP10-F Flush Mount Rough-In Box and Cover Plate, for use with MXA-FMK-10 Flush Mount Kit for 10.1" Modero X Wall Mount Touch Panels (FG5968-84)