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Central Controllers AMX

AMX V Style Module Rack Mounting Tray, 5 1/4" Depth, No Fill Plates (pieza) Negro

Código: 05-AVB-VSTYLE-RMK-1U

The V Style Module Rack Mounting Tray allows various combinations of stand-alone modules to be installed in a 1 RU space. Take advantage of the flexible architecture of stand-alone modules with a secure and professional rack mounted installation. Fill plates are available for instances when the entire tray is not full.

  • Designed for use with V Style Transmitter / Receiver, Converter and DA modules
  • Rack mount 1/3 RW and 1/4 RW modules side by side in a single rack unit
  • Modules screw securely into place at all four corners (includes screws)
  • Durable powder coat finished metal
  • Available with and without blank filler plates