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Strong VersaBox Pre-Construction Brackets Size 8 "x 14" (pieza)Negro

Código: 01-SM-RBX-8-BKT

Strong VersaBox™ Pre-Construction Bracket – 8in. x 14in.
The perfect companion to the Strong VersaBox™ 8", this durable bracket makes your pre-construction installs a snap. It has conveniently placed mounting holes, so attaching to studs is simple and you can position it exactly where you want it. This dependable pre-construction bracket lets you claim space for the VersaBox, creating a fast and easy install.


  • Strategic Design
    This bracket was designed with careful attention to details…like convenient holes for drywall screws and strategically placed openings for wall studs and the VersaBox s dog ears. As an added convenience, it can be mounted vertically or horizontally – whichever your install calls for. It might be just a molded piece of PVC, but that doesn t mean it can t still make your installs easier.

  • Perfect Positioning
    To simplify the install process we labeled this bracket with helpful information: arrows pointing toward the edge of the stud and toward the living space…which means you never have to worry about putting it in backwards, and you know just where to position it in relation to the studs.

  • Durable, Reliable Construction
    A pre-construction bracket has to be tough – that s why we made this one from ultra-durable PVC. You can rest assured that it will stand up to the chaos going on around it, and provide a secure place for the VersaBox to reside.