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Soporte Nexus 21

Nexus 21 Small Hidden Storage Lift – Holds Up To 125 Lbs (pieza)

Código: 27-AL-125

Model AL-125 is the perfect solution for unused and wasted space within your built-in cabinetry. Designed for easy installation, this mechanism allows you to create an enclosure in any shape to conceal kitchen appliances or other valuables. At the push of a button, a concealed cabinet will raise from your cabinetry, providing a new level of convenience and space-efficiency within your kitchen. This model is most often used in the “dead corner” of L-shaped countertops.


  • 125 lbs. total lift capacity
    (including enclosure box and its contents)
  • Travels 26”
  • No exposed tracks, gears or scissors
  • UL recognized
  • Draws 3.5 Amps @ 110V and 1.75 Amps @ 220V at max thrust
  • Speed 1.5″ per sec. (only 17 sec. to fully raise)
  • Quiet – runs at just 45 dB
  • Screw-driven mechanism
  • Steel construction
  • Includes RF remote and wired button pad
  • Optional IR receiver and contact closure interface available
  • Collision detection provides stop and reverse on impact
  • “Soft Start” and “Soft Stop” for smooth ride
  • Power is Available in These Formats
    Power Options
Technical Specifications
Height: 20.7”
Width: 6.3”
Depth: 6”