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Secure Table Mount Kit for 7" Modero X Series Tabletop Touch Panels (pieza) Negro

Código: 05-MXA-STMK-07

The MXA-STMK-07 Secure Table Mount Kit is a beautifully styled plate that when attached to the Modero X 7” Tabletop Touch Panel and secured with the under-table tamper resistant bolts will make it virtually theft proof. If it’s not feasible to drill into the table the secure mounting plate can be attached to the touch panel (but not the table) and then secured with a Kensington® Lock. Use both methods simultaneously for extra security. MXA-STMK-07 is compatible with all Modero X 7” Tabletop Touch Panels including MXT-701 (FG5968-53), MXT-700 (FG5968-04) and MXT-700-NC (FG5968-27)